Will the black wear off?

I oxidize my sterling silver, which gives it that deep, black finish. No oxidation is permanent, but will wear with direct contact. This means your rings and bracelets will show more wear than your earrings and necklaces

I create each piece with unique textures, and you can look forward to those evolving over time as the black comes off the raised surfaces and stays put in the crevices.


How do I care for and clean my jewelry?

There are two methods recommended for cleaning all sterling silver,  whether oxidized or bright silver, gold and bimetal jewelry.

The first is preventative and should be done on a regular basis to maintain both bright silver jewelry and your oxidized silver jewelry.

Let your jewelry soak a while in warm water and sudsy ammonia. After a bit, run it under fast moving water. Most debris is organic (think soap, lotion, etc) and will come right out with this treatment. To really clean a diamond, don't worry as much about the top as the bottom - use an old toothbrush underneath the stones to scrub them clean.

Don't scrub colored stones, and don't scrub the oxidized sterling silver - both can be damaged.  

The second method for bright silver only is the use of a “liquid dip” jewelry cleaner called Tarnex which can be found in hardware stores. A quick dip can clean off tarnish without being abrasive to the finish. Be sure to rinse thoroughly under fast moving water. This type of product can be harmful to the jewelry if overused.

IMPORTANT: For items with pearls or stones do not soak in Tarnex, instead use a Q-tip to apply liquid to metal, avoiding contact with the pearl or stone, and rinse off with running water. If you miss, there will be no damage.

Anti tarnish pouches in your jewelry box are very helpful too. Reduce contact with air when not in use.