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Australian Boulder Opal - Mined in Queensland, Australia boulder opals are named for the iron clay stone matrix which is cut with the opal to enhance their colour and give strength.  Prized for the play of colour which spans the full spectrum each stone is unique.

Bimetal  - Bimetal is a laminate material consisting of a layer of gold bonded to sterling to form a sheet of precious metal, which has two distinct surfaces.                
                               18kt/sterling bimetal is 5% gold and 95% sllver by weight
                               22kt/sterling bimetal is 12.5% gold and 87 .5% silver by weight

Fresh Water Pearl - while not as round and with less depth of lustre and shine than that found in saltwater pearls they  are formed from solid nacre are quite durable, and resist chipping, wear and degradation.  They are found in a wide variety of shapes and natural colors.

Fusing -  A technique of combining silver and gold using only heat.

Roll printing - is a technique in which a rolling mill is used to imprint textures and pattern using pressure.

Tahitian Pearl - Pearls grown in the black-lipped oyster, Pinctada margaritifera, in the South Pacific. Colours include deep grey (black), purple, green, gold, and silver.

Electrum - An alloy of equal parts of silver and gold.